Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Peanut Butter Fruit Plate

By: Heidi Finger

It is no secret, I hate doing dishes. When I cook, I don't like to clean up after myself, I just want to eat. This drives my husband absolutely bonkers. To ease his pains, I do a lot a fresh food meals. Bonus, fresh fruit and vegetables have more nutrients than cooked. Plus, they are faster to get to the table. Only the cutting board needs to be washed up and I think I can manage that.  Your welcome husband.

This peanut butter fruit plate is a great go to lunch or breakfast idea. You can substitute any fruit and use any nut butter. I just happened to have a very thin, creamy peanut butter, perfect for drizzling. If your nut butter is too thick to drizzle, just heat in a small sauce pan or microwave. The nut butter is a great way to get some protein into your meal to make your belly feel full.

Peanut Butter Fruit Plate

2 cups cubed melon
1 cup halved strawberries
1 medium banana
2 tablespoons thin peanut butter

Arrange fruit on plate. Drizzle with peanut butter. Eat up!


  1. This is brilliant. I'm going to try it right away. Seeing all the food pictures made me hungry. I esp. like your tip to smoothen my peanut butter as the butter I get here in general markets is really thick.

  2. Omg your food photography is amazing! I want to make all of your recipes. lol

  3. Hi Heidi,
    I have just started a healthier diet and this recipe looks yummy and full of energy, as well as easy to prepare. I would definitely give it a go!
    Hasina >